OUT AND ABOUT - Transport Safety and Safety when out.

When collecting your dog from kennels or transport you will need to bring the following


1. Collar/lead with disc, please ensure the disc has your contact number on it.

2. Harness with a disc attached

3. One slip lead.

4. A crate

Where possible we will be able to advise the size harness/collar required for your

dog,most however come in x small, medium and large and can be adjusted to fit your dog.

• If the dog is small enough we advise taking them still inside the crate into your

home, finding a quiet spot to place the crate and leave the door open so that the

dog can come out in their own time.

• If the dog is large we advise you use a slip lead, plus normal lead attached to

harness to take your dog into the house, or carry them.