AT HOME - Remember to shut the door tightly behind you. If you live in a multi

household, please speak to everyone about the important of shutting internal doors before opening external doors, so that your dog does not accidentally slip past you.


We recommend until your dog gets to know you better they are walked in the garden on a lead, this is a vital time of bonding and getting to know their surroundings, if they feel insecure or scared you run the risk of them escaping. They can be, if a previous street stray be very skilled at finding a way out. Also many rescue dogs are not used to a collar and lead and this is a great opportunity for them to get used to being walked in a secure quiet place.


We do not recommend you walk your dog for at least one week and suggest when you do start walking them, for the first week or two you go to the same place and follow the same route, as close to home as possible. During this time please continue to use both a collar and lead and harness and lead/slip lead. If your dog is spooked and somehow manages to escape, it gives them a better opportunity to find their way back through scent and previous knowledge.


Please remember these dogs have a past and might not trust new people, do not rush to walk them or expect then not to have experienced traumas, they need time and patience, they need to see the world in small steps. Some might be fearful and want to hide in corners, some lived in the streets for a long time so their instinct is to escape, so for those first few weeks with you, focus to keep them close, do not put pressure on them and within time they will become the most rewarding, wonderful dog ever.