Stage 1 -

Stage 2 -

Enquiry Stage , Initially this is more about information gathering from potential adopters. This is where the enquiry form will be completed and once received we will contact you to go over it together and ensure you are a perfect fit for the dog you are interested in or to ascertain what type of dog would suit your family best.

Meet and Greet / Homecheck, Once you have chosen a suitable dog, if the the dog is in the UK we will connect you with the foster carer of that dog so you can ask questions and be sure this is the dog for you before you organise the meet and greet. if the dog is a considerable distance from you a homecheck can be organised prior to the meet and greet. If your dog is overseas at this stage a home check will be arranged.

Homecheck, We will organise for a homechecker to visit you and they will complete our report form. They then send this back to the team and after we have checked this we will contact you to let you know if it is a pass or fail. Please note the homechecker can not decide if you have passed or failed. This is solely the decision of the team, also at this stage we request a £50 reservation fee to reserve the dog for you pending successful homecheck ( That is subtracted from the overall adoption costs)

Coming home, Completion of the adoption contract and final adoption costs, then all that is left to do is for the collection of your dog to be organised

Updates/Post Homecheck, after you have welcomed your new family member into your home we do expect periodic updates just to let us know how everything is going. After 3 months from adoption date we will organise a post home check, this is purely to ensure everything is continuing to go well and if any help from us is needed. However please note we are on hand at any time before, during and after the adoption if you need us.

Stage 3 -

After care -