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1 - You will be adopting a dog with some degree if not full basic training

The majority of our rescue dogs have at some point lived in a home or with a family. We also in some cases run doggy training schools in shelters where we employ trained behaviourists to work with the dogs.


2 - You're Adopting a dog that has been screened

Our rescue dogs will have been fully vaccinated and sterilised ( if old enough) before you adopt from us. They have gone through veterinary exams and many have had behavioural assessments that test them around other animals and food.


3 - You Pay less for a Rescue dog

When you take into consdieration the vast costs involved of buying a dog from a breeder, the extra monies for vaccines, micrchipping etc against our one set adoption cost where we have already ensured all this has been done beforehand, adopting a dog is far more cost effective.


4 - You can find a great match for your lifestyle

When you want to adopt from our rescue we have the dogs future in mind. We are committed to making sure our dogs are placed in the most suited homes for them and that the dog is most suited to that home.


5 - You're saving a life

Whether the dog is on death row, in private pension or in a foster home, every singel dog that is adopted enables us to then go on and rescue another.



Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue pet from our charity/rescue, please click on the tab above that you require. Unsure to what type/size/age dog would suit you? Just complete our enquiry form and one of the team will contact you as soon as possible with suggestions.


We want this to be a happy ever after for you all, by being informed you can make the best choice that is best for you and your family both human and furry alike. So please do check out our advice section, adoption process etc .

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